Transit Lane Envy afflicts many thousands of Australians every morning and every evening.  Sitting in a carpark of a traffic jam, bitterly looking at the free flowing Transit Lane (or High-Occupancy Vehicle lane (HOV) as it is also known) is almost enough to drive you to sign up to the latest public carpool program.  Almost, but not quite.  Thing is, with carpooling comes people, strangers, sitting in your car (or you in their car - what's worse?) with their annoying habits, strange taste in music and 'occasional' detours.

Now, there's another option!  With your BlowUpBuddy in the passenger seat you'll fly into work and fly home again.  Think about it - what's an extra 60 minutes a day of your time worth...

Note:  Whilst, there is nothing illegal in using a BlowUpBuddy please be aware that there may be fines incurred should you be caught using the transit lanes without the required number of (human) passengers.

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